Why You Won’t Find The Best Skin Care Formulas in Drug Stores

Are Natural Botanicals the best anti-aging ingredients?

If you ask the Cosmeceutical experts, they may tell you that ingredients that make up the new range are plant extracts sourced from Asia, Europe and Africa that are the “cutting edge” choice of anti-aging formulators.

Examples include Nutgrass (Motha) Root GW extract, which has both an anti-irritant and skin lightening effect, released last year. The extract is derived from the root of the Cyperus rotondus plant, used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-inflammatory.

Other examples include ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine practices such as the honeysuckle flower (jin yin hua) extract. In addition the range featured herbal extracts such as rosemary, and marine plant extracts such as Laminaria Saccharina.

According to these companies that are integrating these ingredients, the range of beneficial effects provided in the new product line are broad, ranging from skin lightening, antioxidant properties and MMP (enzymes that play an important role in skin ageing) inhibitors.

What about Skin Care’s Most Exotic Formulas?

Donkey milk has gained increasing interest as an ingredient for skin care products of late, thanks mainly to its known anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties, while camel’s milk is also used in skin care products for its high mineral and vitamin content.

There have been a number of skin care products on the market based on snail slime extract for some years, whereas a snake venom-based anti-aging cream was launched by Planet Skincare in the UK towards the end of last year.

Bullfrog extract could provide a more economical and easier to source alternative to alpha-tocopherol, as well as being approximately 10 percent more efficient than tocopherol at eliminating free radicals.

And finally nightingale droppings are vying against snake venom and frog skin for top place as the most bizarre cosmetics ingredient. The droppings, sanitized with UV light before being milled into a fine powder that is safe to use on the skin, are incorporated into a facial offered by a New York spa, which is based on traditional Geisha beauty practices.

You are not likely to find mass merchandisers filling the shelves of drug stores and supermarkets with skin care products using these exotic active ingredients, as mentioned in this article. Only the most elite and expensive brands are forging ahead with what ultimately will revolutionize skin care regimens.

In a time when budgets are strained by a deep recession and economic uncertainties, will the consumer spend more to look healthier?

All indications are that these new exotic, ant-aging products are being briskly consumed by those frustrated buyers of the older “as seen on television commercials” celebrity beauty secrets and well packaged household brands.

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