What makes a great anti-aging skin care product so great?

The most important step in anti-aging is photo protection. Nothing is more important than obsessive-compulsive use of well-formulated anti-aging product with the best integrated sunscreen.

A great moisturizer is composed of emollients and humectants. Emollients provide a radiant glow over the skin and stops water loss occurring through the skin, while humectants, on the other hand, ‘suck up’ moisture from wherever they can find it. The emollient over the top is what seals it all in.

The right combinations of retinoid, sunscreens, antioxidants, collagen-stimulating peptides, bleaching agents and hydroxyl acids will be more effective than any agent alone. That is why the top of the line skin care products create a regimen. In medicine we have examined some of the most effective treatment regimens are “combination therapies”. Be wary of marketers touting one cream or serum that works wonders by itself. Generally, it is the climate, level of xerosis (skin dryness), what the patient prefers and other issues, such as acne, sensitive skin or allergies that should favor one great product versus another elite product. We are not talking “drug store” variety skin care when we speak of elite or top of the line products. The “great” anti-aging products you would find in a physician’s office are now being referred to as cosmeceuticals because of the near-pharmaceutical grade active ingredient formulations.

Dermatologists are now looking closely at two important active ingredients to slow aging of the skin. Peptides and Human Growth Factors are the ingredients of 2009 that are replacing the antioxidant rage of last year, although new botanical antioxidants are being introduced and reintroduced this year.

How do Peptides work?

Single peptides flood the dermis with fragments of collagen, which causes the fibroblasts to think there is a wound, and they jump into action to produce collagen, plumping up the skin.

Does Human Growth Factors (HGF) work?

Human growth factors are a great idea, but they are very large molecules, and there is no evidence that they are able to penetrate an intact dermis. Liposomes carrying HGF are part of a formula of ARRESTAGE Laboratories, and now others, that have shown to penetrate the skin adequately.

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