Unintended Consequences of Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Bad Effect on skin?

It's spring and "hope springs eternal"! - A medically supervised weight loss program or a fad diet may be your ticket to the "body beautiful" image to show off come summer? There are unintended consequences to dieting that everyone should be aware of. When you get down to your weight goal you may have lost so much that you have loose skin. Another side effect of dieting can be skin problems affecting your facial complexion as well as the appearance of cellulite on your thighs and buttocks.

During the first few weeks of successful dieting it is very common for acne breakouts that may occur for the first time, or an acne condition that worsens when you begin a new eating plan. Dieting is stressful to the body. When faced with a lack of nutrients, the body is stressed, a cascade of hormonal activity takes place, some of which can influence our skin. A natural healthy response by the body when dieting is the diversion of energy from the skin and sending it to the internal organs. This leaves skin cells without the energy they need to do what they need to do.

When weight loss results in a significant reduction of subcutaneous fat directly beneath the skin, that skin becomes thin and fragile. While few studies exist regarding skin and dieting, many experts believe skin is quite sensitive to nutrition, which can change it's metabolism. The harsh or dramatic effects are only temporary and can be lessened with home care skin treatment and proper hydration.

When finally your system adjusts to your new, healthier food intake, and you emotionally accept dieting as a positive force in your life, stress levels generally go down and your skin will calm down as well. Worrying about your breakouts and cellulite will only make things worse. You must be proactively maintaining an emotional balance and curb your expectations, because good and long lasting results take time.

If you're over 30 when you start to lose weight, you are facing the beginning of the decline in collagen production that helps maintain the firmness and tone of your skin and tissue. Fat actually helps keep skin taut. When you lose weight fast you rapidly will begin to lose that underlying support that new collagen production provides, our skin may react by looking looser and possibly more wrinkled. A slimmer body does not have to mean a more lined face, but you need to help things along by using the right products for your particular skin type..

At Arrestage Laboratories we recommend keeping skin clean, wear as little makeup as possible, and try drying solution containing either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. First, make sure you lose weight slowly. This gives your skin time to adjust to the loss, and that may reduce some of the droops and drops. Firming creams are a must. Don't wait until lines and wrinkles appear to start using them.

Dr. Shapiro recommends, "As soon as you begin your diet, begin using firming creams on your face, and keep on using them while you're losing weight and you will definitely see a positive result," He says that the two best skin firming ingredients to look for are vitamin C and copper peptides. Both have been Dermatologically formulated to stimulate collagen production. "There are many available creams and lotions that we have tried and they all have some benefit. The Arrestage Regimen that we selected not only contains the L-ascorbic form of vitamin C, but it's stabilized and offers a delivery system that can drive it down into the skin," says Dr. Shapiro.

"Arrestage Laboratories employs one of the most effective delivery systems by creating liposomes. These are tiny spheres that are used to encapsulate ingredients (like vitamin C) that on their own are too large to get into the deepest layers of the skin. Arrestage has perfected this liposome's to penetrate skin layers, they enable the vitamin C and their other active ingredients to reach the cells where collagen is produced. Our hcG Diets and Cellulite treatment protocols incorporate the Arrestage Soy products that can plump the skin, which makes it look smooth", assures Shapiro.

More and more medically supervised weight loss programs advocate special supplements. Fish oil and Omega 3 and other vital vitamin products round out a healthy dieting regimen. Make sure that you're drinking enough fluid can help offset some dry skin problems. If you were used to drinking lots of soda and juice every day, and suddenly cut down, you may find that you aren't getting as much liquids as your body requires, and that can result in dry skin. The solution here is the simplest of all: Drink more water..

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You need to moisturize externally and internally. Do not stress out and use sunscreen or sun block if you are spending a prolonged time enjoying the outdoors.

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