The Best Wrinkle Creams Do Not Work?

Consumer Reports Publishes Antiwrinkle Cream Test Results

Results varied, as each product tested worked well for some people and not for others. If you were a consumer ready to purchase antiaging regimens, this test would have driven you to the cheapest drug store potion. I read Consumer Reports and over the years have relied on it to help me make purchases such as a washer and dryer, toaster or television, but are they going to be the best reference for healthcare?

The Consumer Reports Antiwrinkle Cream Test was fatally flawed. Many, if not all, of the topical compounds that are recommended by the majority of dermatologists take a lot longer than 6 weeks to prove to be effective. Choosing a 6 week endpoint was their first mistake.

Secondly, the criteria for effectiveness were not clearly defined. I have seen thousands of patients and very few have realistic expectations about how their treatments should turn out. Consumer Reports could have independently evaluated the patient’s results for a less subjective outcome. The fault is not only Consumer Reports’ testing protocols, it is some of the outrageous claims you may hear about some skin care products on home shopping networks and cable TV infomercials. “Instant results”, “look years younger in minutes”, “miracle facelift in a jar”, these marketing approaches are over stating, if not grossly misleading the public in thinking there is an real alternative to surgery for dramatic and long lasting results.

As far as “eliminating wrinkles” goes, the more accurate goal is “reducing the appearance” of fine lines and wrinkles. We have lasers, masks, peels and micro-dermabrators to mechanically and more aggressively treat problems encountered in a clinical or spa setting. At home, skin care regimens are necessary for maintaining the results we get in our practice. Even if you have not had a procedure or clinical skin care treatment, there are many safe and effective creams, serums, lotions and compounds to improve your appearance and protect you from the photo aging process of the sun.

The point of my comments about this well publicized test is, that at a time of a historical financial recession; we need to look very prudently at how we spend our money on personal care products. Getting value is always important. Do not be swayed by this test in compromising your health and appearance. When in doubt discuss your skin type with a professional.

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