The Best Natural Ingredients For Younger Looking Skin

White tea has significant potential to fight against skin aging, as well as cancer and inflammation, according to the latest research. Although from the same plant, green, black and white tea appear to have very different health giving properties. White tea comes the newest buds of the plant, so called because the new leaf buds are often covered in fine white hairs, whereas black tea is picked later and some of the components will have oxidised decreasing its health giving properties

Recently, 24 plant extracts were studied by a group of British scientists looking for the most effective ingredient to treat Cancer, Inflammation and Skin Aging. Extracts were tested for their anti-collagenase and anti-elastase activity, two enzymes that contribute to skin aging by breaking down collagen and elastin, as well as their phenolic content and their antioxidant activity. White tea showed the highest inhibitory activity against collagenase. Similarly, the extract's anti-elastase effect was over 89 per cent, the highest of all those tested.

White tea's ability to inhibit enzymes that attack collagen and elastase, and mimic the action of one of the body's own antioxidant enzymes makes it an interesting ingredient to improve upon the effectiveness of skin care products. Arrestage Laboratories has just produced a serum using the White Tea extract for it's participating physician formulation group. One of the group's participants, Dr. Roy Shapiro, has reported how beneficial the compound is in post operative inflammation and accelerated healing times. "I have found that recommending the Arrestage line to our patients for home care, is helping to maintain the laser procedure results for a longer duration," proclaims Shapiro. "The newest White Tea formulas are being used before and after laser face peels and Dermabrasions in our clinic with stunning results," Shapiro says.

Plant extracts have long been a vital role player in skin care product creation. Companies such as Obagi, Arrestage, Clinique, Perricone and Murad have been at the forefront of exploring the latest active phyto (plant-based) ingredients. All extracts are not produced to the purity and potency levels sufficient to support some of the claims proven out by clinical research however. Just because an ingredient is listed on a product's label, it does not automatically insure a positive outcome when it is compounded.

I am sure with this very positive data on White Tea Extracts, more and more laboratories will be producing their varietal.

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