The 2009 Breakthrough Ingredients for Skincare

Every year there are the new and improved ingredients that get the attention of the masses. How do these rather obscure extracts and herbs find their way into the conversations of every day women and promoters of skin care lotions or potions? For one, it is the magic of “O”. If OPRAH talks about it, everybody is talking about it. The Home Shopping Network and other direct to consumer marketers with beautiful faces and glib talking pitchpersons also are convincing us all that there is something new and improved.

Actually, this year’s “new” is usually some indigenous tribal remedy that predates OPRAH and the invention of electricity. Herbalists in Asian countries, Shamans and medicine men in others have exported their secrets thanks to our new Global Village environment. What is truly going to be integrated by the legit makers of skincare products this year to replace the Green Teas, pomegranate and Caffeine extracts you ask?

The big three will be:

Myrrh: With the increasing popularity of Ayurveda in the U.S., this ancient ingredient is also resurging in perfumes and skin care products. The rich royal resin with the slight vanilla fragrance so popular in incense also stimulates circulation and has lifting effects.

Acai: Sometimes referred to as “The Fountain of Youth,” this Brazilian berry (Acai Berry) contains antioxidants, amino acids, essential omegas, fibers and protein that position itself as a formidable fighter in anti-aging products. Acai can be found across the board in skin care, cosmetics and hair care products.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-3: This cosmeceutical that is becoming found more often in anti-aging products to fight fine lines and wrinkles will be even more prevalent in 2009. Products that contain palmitoyl tripeptide-3 will be branded as a temporary alternative to cosmetic procedures.

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