“I have been using ARRESTAGE skin care regimen religiously since June and can honestly say it works and may indeed be the last line of products I’ll ever need! It’s appropriately called, ARRESTAGE, because my friends and husband tell me I have stopped aging. We have started seeing the most noticeable results in most of our clients after 8 weeks.”
Melissa Thomas Dylan, Aesthetician

“This DREAM CREAM is a terrific anti-aging moisturizer! My skin looks smoother as I have fewer lines and my skin tone looks years younger.”
Cathy Caldwell, Cosmetic & Beauty School Instructor

“I have tried them all. La Mer, ReVive, Murad, Obagi, Perricone etc. etc. on & on, hands down ARRESTAGE wins!”
Annie Silverman, Beauty writer

“This company is so responsive and caring! They really take an interest in my personal skin challenges. We completed the Skin Type Questionnaire and had back and forth email volleys until we created my perfect regimen and I love the way my skin looks . . . smoother, tighter and more firm. I’m thrilled that this works!”
Sarah Rosensteen, Customer

“With the economy tanking and my budget getting tighter, I have fallen in love with ARRESTAGE. A little goes a long way with their formulas. I don’t find myself slathering and re-slathering on product to get the results I want. My visits to the spas are fewer and the dangers associated with Botox, have had me and many women I know looking for an alternative method to keep their beautiful skin. I have found the answer…ARRESTAGE. My kids say I look refreshed and the dark circles under my eyes are starting to fade. Instead of a night out on the town I decided to soak in the CHAMPAGNE/CAVIAR Bubble Bath. It was not a night at the Ritz, but AHHHHH…Not bad for staying at home.”
Cyndi Goldberg, Grandmother