Surgical Lasers have been used in doctor's offices for over 30 years…

Despite articles you may have read to the contrary, Laser resurfacing is not a new treatment for reducing facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars. Carbon Dioxide Lasers have been used in doctor's offices for over 30 years. Dr. Roy Shapiro is one of the early pioneers of the laser in office-based procedures. As Medical Marketing Director of a small company in the late 1970s, he introduced lasers to the Gynecological, Dermatological and Podiatric Surgical communities for use in their offices.

Dr. Shapiro is now researching how to best combine a myriad of lasers, light systems and topical treatments to achieve optimum results in the Aesthetic Arena of Medicine. His protocols usually start with a complete homecare regimen of cleansing. hydrating and protecting the skin.

"What is crucial to controlling endpoints and outcomes, is an accurate analysis of skin type and life style of the patient", says Dr. Shapiro who has constructed an online skin analysis software program for his clinics. "Not all lasers will individually perform exquisitely on their own, that's precisely why I am a firm believer in combination therapies and treatment protocols employing a plethora of lasers, photodynamic and Sonophoresis treatments in concert with a personalized home care regimen to sustain my edge in providing results above the standard of care," proclaims Shapiro as he prepares more slides for his lectures on Laser Skin Resurfacing.

He is planning a trip to Germany and China where he is going to visit with various laser manufacturers to personally explore what the latest technological offerings will be. "I like to be ahead of the curve and use the most refined instrumentation," he said emphatically. There are some tools in my armamentarium that are 5 years old or older that I have integrated with some of my combination treatment protocols, because of their proven reliability on delivering results," Shapiro concluded. “I am extremely excited about the new combination systems being produced in Germany by Asclepion,” one of the companies on a short list of manufacturers Dr. Shapiro is planning to visit.

Many laboratories have been trying to determine the needs of the patients and practitioners exploring homecare solutions for post treatments improvement. Arrestage, has developed a dedicated line of topical lotion and serums for use in accelerating healing times as well as perfecting the appearance of postsurgical laser outcomes for Dr. Shapiro and others who are performing Skin Resurfacing.

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  • Surgical Lasers have been used in doctor's offices for over 30 years…
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