"Stem Cell" Is the Future of Anti-Aging Formulas

Say what you what about Stem Cell Research, the truth is that most people who are not in the laboratories formulating skin care products do not know anything about their efficacy. Most of the success in harvesting stem cells has been in plants or phytoactives, versus embryonic or human umbilical cord cells.

Who is bringing all the attention to the new stem cell formulas for skin and hair care products? Not Oprah again! Now it’s other A-list stars that have revealed that they are fans of the new fruit based stem cell extract ingredient, including Jennifer Lopez and Helen Mirren. Did I mention the “First Lady”? That’s right, Michelle Obama is using the products with fruit based stem cell derived extracts too.

Arrestage Laboratories published a piece by Dr. Roy Shapiro, a leading International Aesthetic Medical Lecturer, on stem cell derived compounds and their utility earlier this year. After many inquiries by professionals looking into these products, Arrestage started broad-based double-blinded field testing of their StemLife line of serums, to be introduced in early 2010 to Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in North America.

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