Spending on Botox instead of Food

In a February 2009 article in, AESTHETIC DERMATOLOGY NEWS, a report of goings on AROUND THE WORLD sited a story about Australia’s credit crunch and Botox. Their economic downturn is forcing some consumers to cut back on spending on items like food and drink, even as they increase money spent on Botox treatments.

The story in the United States is not dissimilar. Recent industry studies have indicated a 22% rise in Skin Care and Beauty Treatment spending. Patients have told me that they may not be scheduling a laser procedure or a face lift right now, but are increasingly interested in more home skin care regimens to keep them looking healthy.

Soon you may be reading “Botox is out” and “Home anti-aging regimens are in”. With the increasing efficacy of the newest anti-aging serums for fine lines and wrinkles, the testimonials for these products are creating a ground swell of popularity. We have seen many exquisite results with these personalized skin care products focusing on specific facial zones and skin types.

Even though budgets are being cut, folks are losing jobs and credit is hard to come by, there is still an affordable luxury and it is home anti-aging skin care.

Copyright ©2009 Dr. Roy Shapiro *Spending on Botox instead of Food*

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