Skin care products 2009 message: ”It’s all about the penetration stupid!”

Skin care companies that are on the cutting edge of science are trying their best to deliver on their promises to make your appearance more youthful. The science of “Anti-aging of the skin” is a reality using such actives as antioxidants and epidermal growth factor ingredients, but those ingredients rarely reach the targeted areas of the tissue. Why? The problem is penetrating the outer most layer of the skin. (Stratum corneum) Another hit or miss challenge is, encapsulating these beneficial ingredients and controlling their depth of penetration. We do not want some of these ancient herbs and such coursing through our bloodstream.

Various encapsulation systems such as liposomes, micro emulsion, multiple emulsions and solid lipid particles have been used in skin care formulations. These encapsulation systems not only provide a controlled release property for the encapsulated active ingredients, but also can partially help to protect the encapsulated materials. Arrestage Laboratories, for example, uses some of these nano-technologically engineered molecules for reducing the amount of contact with oxygen or other entities and thereby keeps the ingredients at their most potent levels for better results.

As we begin the year 2009 you will see more of the elite or expensive skin care products talking about the size of their molecules.(Dalton units) ” It’s all about the penetration”, will be the message. Yes, ingredients are important and do differentiate the products. The question of results on slowing the appearance of aging on your skin will depend upon the molecular way those ingredients are delivered.

Copyright © 2009 Dr. Roy Shapiro *Skin care products 2009 message: ”It’s all about the penetration…stupid!”*

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