Skin Care belongs in the physician’s clinic not the supermarkets

Physicians, including Dermatologists, of a variety of specialties have been carving out a portion of their practices to involve themselves in the Aesthetic Anti-aging boom. The anti-aging boom includes such topicals as lifting elixir, protective cream, skin refining concentrate and a variety of dream creams.

Skin-care specialists and anti-aging experts will tell you that supermarkets are really no place to buy “miracle”, lotions and potions, even though the aisles are now stocked with every well known brand of serums that claim wrinkle removing wonders.

Not surprisingly, you will see the words “clinically proven” or “Doctor Recommended” on a wide variety of products on the supermarket and salon shelves. However, don’t be fooled; it’s usually clever marketing jargon.

The reality is that when dermatologists and other skin-care and anti-aging experts involve themselves in the field of aesthetics and skin care, they delve into the scientific white papers for proven efficacy as well as attend courses where labs are given in administering techniques and protocols. “You are not getting sold, you are getting treated” is the new and best approach to anti-aging products available from your physician.

I had the occasion to be a guest lecturer at a symposium given by Patients Unlimited Marketing Consultants a few years ago and heard lectures given by the well known expert, Greg Washington and witnessed just how deep the concern for excellence was from the attending physicians and their staff.

PUMC’s signature services are exclusive to the cosmetic aesthetic enhancement industry. They have set the standards for staff sales training all the way back to 1974, and started MediSpa consulting at their beginnings in 1989. For cosmetic and surgeon advisory training there is no peer. The physicians who were in attendance had spent a great deal of money to be there and were determined to be the best they could be in providing aesthetic service to their patients.

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