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The Secret to Getting Even Toned Skin

This month the safety of the common skin whitener kojic acid has been called into question by a European scientific body who studied it’s effects. Their patch tests in human female volunteers compared the reaction to the ingredient of skin not usually exposed to kojic acid to skin regularly treated with the compound. This study concluded that skin regularly exposed to kojic acid became more sensitive to the compound, leading the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products to suggest it is a skin sensitizer in humans.

Hydroquinone was banned as a skin lightener in Europe, and its use limited to certain concentrations here in the US, over fears that it could provoke severe skin irritation and patchy pigmentation.

ARRESTAGE LABORATORIES who has preparations using safe amounts of kojic acid in it’s skin lightening product, has discovered a promising new alternative that may become the newest industry ingredient. “An extract from the Asian plant Osmanthus fragrans may be the most promising new skin lightening ingredient”, says ARRESTAGE’s Chief Herbalist David Lee.

“We like to be on the cutting edge of Herbal Extract utilization in our active ingredients and our purification processes are second to none”, he proclaimed at the recent gathering of Aesthetic Physicians for Natural & Herbal Solutions.

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