Liposomal Calming Preparation


Delicate under eye micro-emulsion with Multi-Vitamins and Peptides. A Liposome encapsulated formula to calm, tone, brighten and enliven the appearance of tired looking under eye area. Reduces dark circles and puffiness and crow’s feet.

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Arrestage© A Crème

What makes the Arrestage® A Crème so miraculous is the potency, purity and rarity of it’s organic sea plant extracts. The batching of its ingredients—a blend of sea kelp, vitamins and minerals is done in micro-batches with constant quality assurance processes. The way it is distilled makes all the difference between a good moisturizer and a great one, borrowing from the ancient science of fermentation. The proprietary process releases intensely refined molecular compounds that creates a formulation of unmatchable intensity.

Many Aestheticians and skin care professionals have attested that Arrestage® A Crème has produced remarkable results. Some Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons have insisted that their patients use it religiously after office procedures to assure the best outcomes and end points.

Your skin will becomes softer, firmer and more even toned. Even the driest of complexions are healed.

The ingredients in Arrestage® A Crème are Seaweed algae extract, zinc gluconate, vitamins, sodium hyaluronate, linoleic acid, minerals, birch extract, dipotassium glycyrrhicinate, chamomile, tocotrienol, Centella asiatica, white liquorice extract, bisabolol, emu & mink oils. SPF 15

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