President Obama and his personal fight for Anti-Aging

The Presidential office seems to age the men who occupy it.

I have personally witnessed the aging of presidents LBJ through George W. Bush. Aside from the graying hair and puffy eyes at the end of their terms they all seem to be affected by the stress of the job of “Leader of the Free World” more than presidents of private industries. It is more than media over exposure, If that were the case, we would be less inclined to notice the visible facial aging after watching them continuously over time.

Some Presidents like Obama who come to office overly youthful in their appearance will be more prone to criticism of the fact that they are maturing. Maturation is one thing, looking weary, beat up and old is quite another.

Bill Clinton jogged, had his hair styled and engaged in sports while in office. Impeachment proceedings, adultery and world politics made the stress factor hard to combat in retaining his boyish “Arkansas Governor fresh face” appearance by the time his terms had expired.

Obama’s concern with the nation’s health is admirable if not heroic. Obesity is on his radar to extinguish and that is a start in the right direction. His diet and cigarette habit does not however reflect a role model for anti-aging and general wellness.

Will he look as weathered as his predecessors at the end of his reign in office? This professional’s opinion is he needs to start now to avert the fate of the past presidents. The smoking is definitely a detriment to keeping his appearance from aging. His selection of beer, hamburgers and soft drinks are helping him lose the battle against aging. Keep up the basketball and frequent visits to the gym, because exercise is his best medicine to combat his lifestyle challenges.

Stress is the big aging factor. His good humor and communication skills will hopefully also contribute to his fight against the “Big S”. Laughing is good medicine. Other than the aforementioned advice here is the clincher, take a tip from the First Lady and moisturize-moisturize/hydrate-hydrate. Women seem to have learned all the way back in time from Cleopatra, the skin needs to be cared for.

Maybe a gift of ARRESTAGE home treatment regimen would be fitting next time foreign dignitaries come for a State Dinner bringing presents for the First Family.

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