Physicians Manual

Renewing Exfoliate Scrub

Dermal Exfoliation Puree

Renewing Exfoliate Scrub is rich in vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes known for their anti-oxidant and exfoliating properties. This resurfacing treatment gently exfoliates the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines, age spots, freckles and rough skin. It Minimizes pore size and other skin imperfections while stimulating the production of new healthy skin cells.

DIRECTIONS: Apply over cleansed skin, avoiding eye area. Allow to remain on skin for up to 8 minutes (For Dry, Mature, and Sensitive Skin), or 10 minutes for oily and problem skin. Remove with warm water. Use once or Twice Weekly.

Soapless Soap Milk

Soapless Soap Milk is recommended as a makeup removing lotion and a gentle soap less cleanser for ALL skin types ESPECIALLY for sensitive skin. It contains specially blended oils which dissolve heavy waxes contained in most make up bases and commercial creams. Azulen helps to prevent the formation of inflammation and skin allergies because of its antibacterial properties. DIRECTIONS: Use damp cotton to wipe off make up and cleanse the entire face. Remove excess with dry cotton. (Follow with Aloe/Cucumber Astringent)

Revitalize Splash

Revitalize Splash (alcohol free) helps tighten pores, smooth the appearance of the skin, and give it a finer, softer texture. Herbal extracts and soothing Aloe calm possible irritations/inflammation. It is recommended for DRY and SENSITIVE Skin.

DIRECTIONS: Apply with cotton several times daily after cleansing and before applying other creams, serums or makeup.

Softer and Youthful

This very light, yet highly beneficial, moisturizing day cream is recommended for normal to oily, blemished, and problem skin. It contains a complex of marine extracts that offer natural minerals, vitamins and super-antioxidants. This synergy of marine extracts includes spirulina, tree barks, algae, focus, green laminaria and is very rich in trace elements. Proprietary formula that contains Pentapeptides for improved Collagen and Elastin production to further reduce and slow the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing and toning, use liberally once or twice daily.

Younger and Radiant Lightener

This light (oil – free) Younger and Radiant Lightener is recommended for all types of NON-SENSITIVE skin. Repeated use will gradually help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations. It will leave an even toned, more radiant appearance when applied regularly over time. Use of Protector Sealer/Sun Screen is required to achieve desired results.

DIRECTIONS: Apply after cleansing and toning. Use twice to three times daily. Follow with sun protecting cream in the morning or afternoon and a night cream or serum in the evening. A subtle darkening, over time, of the color of the gel is a normal characteristic of the product and will not affect its performance or potency.

Hydration Perfection

Originally formulated as a night cream of the highest quality with active ingredients just below prescription strength for the revitalization and regeneration of aging skin has been reformulated to use DAY and Night. Hydration Perfection offers the most exceptional skin benefits due to its exclusive properties based on live cell complex, hyaluronic complex, mucopolysaccharides, natural vitamin complex (A, C, B, D3, and E), selected botanical extracts, natural proteins and human growth factor enzymes. This compound has been clinically tested and observed to facilitate the skin’s own biological synthesis of vital substances. This cream is a true biological stimulator for the skin and helps to increase the elasticity, lubrication and moisture retention of the skin, while helping to speed up the natural cellular renewal. Recommended for ALL Skin types.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing and toning use liberally twice daily.

Liposomal Calming Preparation

Delicate under eye micro-emulsion with Multi-Vitamins and Peptides

A Liposome encapsulated formula to calm, tone, brighten and enliven the appearance of tired looking under eye area. Reduces dark circles and puffiness and crow’s feet.

DIRECTIONS: Apply morning and evening after cleansing and prior to make up.

Neck Cream

This neck cream is a revitalizing, fortifying and tightening treatment for the fragile tissues on the neck and chin. Infused with super-refined oils and active herbal extracts to delay the laxity or sagging issues that evolve over time in the chin and neck area. The only compound that contains liposome’s of phosphatidyl choline and sodium deoxycholate to that are known to reduce fatty cells that accumulate under the chin and neck. DIRECTIONS: Apply twice daily allow 15 minutes to penetrate before washing or applying makeup.

Firmer Neck and Chin

Skin Firming Concentrate

The Firmer Neck and Chin is a unique skin firming and lifting treatment combines advanced ant-aging multi-peptides with lifting seaweed and moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid in a silky fluid suspension. Multi-Peptides help to reduce the intensity and frequency of facial muscle contractions. Recommended for patients with predominant fine lines and wrinkles caused by facial expressions versus photo-damaged or photo aged skin. Not for problem skin. Improves Collagen and Elastin production while slowing formation of new fine lines.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to target areas liberally. Especially effective around upper lips, forehead, crow’s feet and neck areas.

Cell Restore and Repair Masque

This is a luxurious and nourishing treatment recommended for normal, normal to dry, dehydrated, and undernourished skin. Nutrient rich native collagen, cellular complexes, amino acids, panthenol, vitamins and natural oils help to increase the moisture level, prevent early appearance of wrinkles, and help the skin breathe easily during cell renewal process.

DIRECTIONS: Use twice a week or as needed. Spread a small amount over entire face avoiding eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes and then rinse with tepid water.

Clean to Pristine

This light, detergent free, cleansing milk is one of the most exquisite cleansers on the market. Only the most expensive natural plant extracts, Humectants, organic vitamins and a blend of Clean to Pristine’s.

DIRECTIONS: Use damp cotton to wipe off makeup and cleanse the entire face. Remove excess with dry cotton.

Champagne & Caviar Soak

Bubble bath for bathing beauties. Extracts and natural oils from Paris are integrated into this tres French line of naturally fragrant bubble bath luxuries. Essential oils and herbal extracts to help relax the muscles and calm the tissue. The Champagne glass bottles + artistic labels add charm to your tub. In 6.7 oz.