SELF-SERVE ANTIAGING – A result of Obamacare?

Approximately 59% of doctors are self-employed. The impact of Obamacare on self-employed doctors could be devastating to both patients and practitioners. Doctors will be forced to consolidate into larger practices to spread overhead costs, and they may have to overbook more patients into tighter schedules to make up in volume because of losses in profit margins. It already takes on average nearly 3 weeks to get an initial appointment with an internist, dermatologist or surgeon, according to the American Medical Association, and as many as 30 days for specialists like obstetricians. Office visits will be shortened and new appointments harder to secure.

Dermatologists and surgeons, who already see a lot of private patients, will have to rely on patients to perform more home care regimens to compensate for the new protracted time intervals between visits and procedures. Wound care, skin care and other post procedural protocols will have to be more effective as well as longer lasting.

Women will be most affected with these negative conditions resulting from Obamacare. Aesthetic procedures and anti-aging treatments generally provided by the self-employed doctors will cost more and be cash only. Treatment financing is an additional expense to the doctor or patient and will probably be eliminated. Even now many patients leave the U.S. for plastic surgery in Mexico or Central America where it is far less costly.

The trend in advanced skin care and anti-aging will most likely be more of a home care routine. The FDA has recently cleared home devices for skin tightening, hair removal and collagen remodeling. Cosmeceutical manufacturers are creating lotions and potions to work with a variety of these devices that patients can use at home for near-clinical results.