Newest Clinical Usage of Antiaging Creams, Gels, Serums and Cosmeceuticals

I recently attended a lecture to explore the latest clinical techniques in skin tightening and wrinkle correction using Lasers, Light Systems, Fillers and Botox given by a group of Aesthetic Medical Experts. When I returned to our clinic, the Aestheticians asked more about what we learned concerning home care and post-treatment protocols than the actual device utilization or injection techniques that the seminar presented. This brings me to the ongoing dilemma of how do we as practitioners; use all the available skin care products to benefit the latest cutting edge treatments that we are continually integrating into our Aesthetic Practices?

The answers are not surprising. Our patients all want a “wow” effect from a laser, but want as little downtime or post-treatment healing issues as possible. To get the outcomes most desirable to the patients, we tend to be as aggressive with the treatments as possible without doing harm or creating prolonged compliance problems for the patients. Using the correct topical serums and cosmeceuticals is becoming more of an art than a science. What we do know is that if we leave the home care treatment protocols to the patients, we nearly always compromise the endpoints and outcomes of our procedures or treatments.

After a laser facial peel it is important to go right to work and complete the debridement of the residual necrotic skin right after the treatment and more, the following 24 – 48 hour period. To preserve and protect the reepithelialization, an effective serum is an absolute necessity. Keeping the skin’s appearance radiant is the job of the recommended home care regimen for the individual patient’s skin type and lifestyle. No creams or miracle lotions and potions will ever replace surgery or in-office procedures, but without the pairing of the most effective topicals, only half the work is done.

We are currently using ARRESTAGE products as well as Arnica and other natural preparations to enhance our patient’s results. To maintain the progress achieved by our corrective treatments, it goes without saying that a sunscreen is of paramount importance to the patient’s regimens.

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