Moisturizing Your Skin with Twice the Effectiveness

The condition of dry skin can be a result of environment, aging, diet and heredity, or a combination of all these factors. The outer most layer of the skin is the protective barrier for the underlying tissue and called the stratum corneum. Water holding is a function of this protective barrier of the tissue. One way to improve hydration of dry skin would be to improve the skin function on the outer layer in dry skin by increasing ceramide (lipid molecules) levels in the stratum corneum, in the epidermis and in keratinocytes.

ARRESTAGE Laboratories has a new phytoceutical agent in it’s latest ultra-moisturizing formulas, that has demonstrated a beneficial effect on elevating the capabilities water holding within the cells of the stratum corneum. Altering the biosynthesis of some cellular components of the skin’s outer barrier is just the beginning. Using liposomes formed with nanotechnological crème bases, ARRESTAGE has collagen remodeling actives that penetrates the stratum corneum and holds additional water molecules as it bonds deeper into the tissue.

Most moisturizers have a shortened lifespan as they evaporate while they cling to the skin. The molecular weight of the compounds used in skincare products are more designed to seek penetration levels and only find their way to layers of compatibility that match up with similar cellular properties. That challenge is not only permeability of the layers, it is how much time the active ingredients have to bond to either water or fat. How have the newest moisturizing formulas met this challenge? Zwitterionic polymers used in the formation of nanoparticals will help some active ingredients bond with the properties of the cells water and lipid (fat) contents.

To be twice as effective in relieving dry skin your moisturizer from ARRESTAGE Laboratories will be working on both fronts of improving the skins barrier to hold water as well as bonding the active ingredients to the underlying cellular matrix.

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