If this Recession is prematurely Aging you, Your Wrinkle Cream may Kill you

Worrying about the economic stimulus package not working in time to save our economy? Don’t let all this worrying prematurely age you. If you are looking in the mirror and find yourself unemployed and wrinkled, read this before trying to look younger for your new job interviews.

The ingredient in some wrinkle creams tretinoin, also known as Retin A, may kill you! Also being used in popular acne medication and has been used by physicians to prevent skin cancers and skin aging, has been criticized in a recent study for increasing the risk of death in some patients.

My concern and reason for writing this piece is after reviewing a recent study by Weinstock MA et al, published in the Archives of Dermatology, where the researchers looked at various factors in the study to try to determine the explanation for the increased number of deaths among tretinoin users. It is difficult to know for sure because the study was not designed to look for risk of death, but it seems that it is smokers who are at greater risk. This finding goes along with a study looking at an oral form of Vitamin A called isotretinoin that showed that isotretinoin may be harmful to current smokers.

It is widely known that smoking or being in an environment where people are smoking may prematurely age your skin over time.This recent study confirms it. If you start using popular anti-aging products containing Retin A, in addition to smoking, it may increase your risk of death.

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