FDA’s Newest Warning on BOTOX

Botox had been seen as the solution for skin rejuvenation and tightening by treating wrinkles. After Botox injections however, there was still the skin’s problematic uneven tone and texture, sun damage, acne scarring, skin tags, benign lesions and more to deal with.

A few days ago a decision comes as a result of a complete clinical review, in which the FDA found evidence of even more adverse reactions and deaths. The new warning—dubbed a “black-box warning” due to its severity—will note “the risk of adverse events when the effects of the toxin spread beyond the site where it is injected,” according to the FDA’s Web site. The FDA will also require manufacturers to provide information to doctors and patients about the risks.

Many physicians across the country have increasingly been watching for alternatives to Botox injections for the treatment of wrinkles. The Fractional CO2 Laser treatments; in combination with Intense Pulsed Light, Photodynamic Therapy, Micro-dermabrasion and a complete regimen of cosmeceuticals for home application, have been a successful “combination protocol” developed by Dr. Roy Shapiro over the past 2 years. His clinics have treated over 400 patients with his “Total Rehab Facial Makeover©” treatment plan, which he will share with all the attending physicians and aestheticians at the upcoming General Project USA Seminars in California, Georgia, Texas, Nevada and Florida.

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