F A Q s

Can my other skin care products be used with my ARRESTAGE regimen?

Yes, but remember many of the skin care products in the marketplace contain harsh chemistry or synthetics and preservatives that can inhibit the effectiveness or balance of the ARRESTAGE formulations.

Physicians can from time to time prescribe topical medications for various skin conditions you may develop. Generally, these types of products should be used by themselves until the problems are resolved. Always ask your physician when combining our products on your skin.

Can I wear makeup while using ARRESTAGE products?

Yes, as long as you allow time between the application of ARRESTAGE and your makeup.

Always wash makeup from your face before adding anything to your skin. Most women are not willing to go without makeup and there is a variety of skin problems caused or worsened by applying makeup that will clog pores or inflame tissue. ARRESTAGE products are formulated to be absorbed quicker than most, so you can get their benefits by giving them just a few minutes to work before you apply makeup. Apply the X-Serum Toner or our TruClenz to clean skin then apply wait a few minutes before applying makeup.

Are all your products on your website?

Our featured products are depicted prominently on the web site. With a little exploration you will find descriptions of all our available products on the site. Remember, what makes ARRESTAGE so unique is that by using our basic featured products and completing the client questionnaire, we will assist you in the customization of your regimen, as well as suggesting other complimentary products that will enhance your appearance.

Why do ARRESTAGE products look and smell so much differently than other products I have used?

We do not use chemistry such as bleaches or dyes to alter the appearance of our formulas. Very few of our ingredients are pearly white and fragrant. They smell fresh and natural, although some products do have a medicinal aroma that will subside soon after they are absorbed into the skin. Some of our clients request a natural fragrant extract additive, like cucumber or citrus, which is always available.

Can I get a free sample?

No. We do not stockpile product or samples. Our refrigerated micro-batching process assures that our formulas are the freshest, purest and most potent on the market.

ARRESTAGE wants you to try as many products as you wish. To make it very affordable a smaller portion of all the formulas can be purchased for a nominal price. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and the ARRESTAGE brand is second to none when it comes to personal attention.

What is “The Collection” by ARRESTAGE?

Once you have customized your regimen of ARRESTAGE products to fit your particular skin type and lifestyle, the next step is customizing the presentation of your ARRESTAGE.

We have a full time buyer, who purchases collectible jars and vessels to accommodate your individuality and sense of style. Antique Tiffany, Lalique, Limoges and European crystal jars will be presented on “The Collection” page of the web site and filled by us with your custom ingredients.