Breakthrough Innovations for Skin Care Formulas for Anti-Aging

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with the “Active Ingredient of the Moment” list. Last year’s antioxidant Vitamin C and Green Tea, now takes a back seat to Acai Berry and an antioxidant derived from the bark of French Maritime Pine Trees; and so on, until there is not a fruit, vegetable or tree left standing.

The anti-aging potential of Sirtuin activation and dual-DNA repair is finally becoming integrated into the newest physician formulations. There is little dispute that antioxidants in skin care products, reduce the rise in free radicals causing wrinkles, but without changing the metabolic environment of all the dermal cells, these products have no immediate or long-term significant effect on changing one’s appearance. This is where research in Sirtuin Activation and DNA nucleic reconstruction will soon change the way formulas of anti-aging skin care products are used, both by physicians and their patients.

Physicians are looking for better products that will complement their Aesthetic procedure protocols than the garden variety skin care lines available at supermarkets and department stores. The cutting edge doctors using Fractional Lasers and injecting Cosmetic Fillers are improving their outcomes with home care regimens. At a recent conference in Las Vegas, The Aesthetic Show, lecturers were united in their message that combination therapies involving home skin care regimens were primarily responsible for perfecting their treatments and retaining their patients.

After most facial cosmetic procedures involving the skin’s overall radiance and chromatic appearance, the outermost layer of the tissue is removed. Any number of treatment protocols like microdermabrasion, enzyme/acid face peels and laser peel have become the most common to achieve overall visual improvement. The opportunity for the best results in applying these new compounds is when the stratum corneum , the outermost layer of the epidermal barrier that has impeded the best topicals, has been compromised.

Dr. Roy Shapiro has used Arrestage Laboratories products in his latest study on dyschromia. “My concerns have always been patient retention and patient satisfaction, by using techniques that give a Wow effect”, says Shapiro. “A very important component in driving the census growth in our clinics is patient compliance,” declared Shapiro. “The fundamental way to achieve the most desirable outcomes and endpoints is by controlling/monitoring the home care regimens being used outside the clinics”, Dr. Shapiro responded when asked about how he sets himself apart from the many competitors in the skin care arena.


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