Adult skin stem cells reside in the basal layer of the epidermis and remain dormant until they are activated by tissue injury or disease. Such multipotent stem cells only have a limited ability to differentiate and proliferate, and contain mostly epidermal growth factors. Many laboratories use stem cells derived from adult tissue, usually discarded healthy tissue from surgeries, and skin tissue discarded from abdominoplasties (tummy tucks, etc).

Curing diseases rather than just treat the symptoms has made the potential for stem cells an attractive subject for medical research and is known as Regenerative Medicine. There is not any credible science currently, either in vitro or in vivo, that supports the efficacy of plant stem cell extracts. In the research conducted on behalf of Arrestage Laboratories, it has been determined that plant stem cells probably do not relate to skin stem cells at all. For marketers to declare that their active ingredient and component for achieving miraculous results rely upon their plant-derived stem cells would be suspect, if not for various formulas combining liposomic molecules and nanotechnological delivery systems that are showing some degree of enhanced efficacy. It is too early to tell whether or not plant derived stem cells have any benefit, but they have not proven to be harmful to the skin or unsafe when applied properly.

The real interesting results for skin applications and stem cell research are several genes that were examined that have shown significantly increased expression levels, leading to increased amounts of collagen and elastin, resulting in improved firmness and elasticity of the skin. The stem cells that have proven useful were from the scientists who have taken biopsies from human subjects and then isolated and cultured fibroblast cells from these samples.

Aside from the obtain ability of useful stem cells for skin applications, the challenge remaining that the laboratories all face, is to figure out how to encapsulate the peptides in a liposomal bi-layer delivery system that would both provide adequate protection, yet also release the peptide after they have been absorbed by the skin.

Are we there yet in terms of products for home use in the aesthetic dermatological arena? Arrestage Laboratories is perfecting many delivery systems to drive a wide variety of active ingredients to levels of the tissue that can most benefit from their restorative properties. The future looks encouraging for cosmeceuticals and anti-aging topical solutions. More research and development is sorely needed to obtain miraculous results.

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