Are Any Anti-cellulite Creams Effective?

Just recently, QVC was fined for false cellulite claims. The TV shopping channel QVC has been ordered to pay millions of dollars after making false claims about an anti-cellulite skin cream and a number of vitamin supplements. Programs aired on the US home shopping channel claimed the vitamin supplements could lead to significant weight loss and the cream could reduce cellulite as well as the size of individuals’ arms, legs and abdomen.

According to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these claims are false and unsubstantiated and it has ordered QVC to pay $6m for consumer redress and a $1.5m civil penalty.

What is Cellulite?

The dimpling of the skin of the buttocks and thighs is known as cellulite, a typical problem for women. They have a characteristic depot of subcutaneous adipose (fatty) tissue in the gluteal-femoral region (pear shape). The adipose tissue is a type of connective tissue that is specialized for the storage of fat (triglycerides). There is also a gender-related difference in the anatomy of the adipose tissue. In women, the organization of the subcutaneous fat cell chambers and of the connective tissue septa (wall) that divide them, allows vertical stretching of the fat chambers. After stretching, the chambers protrude into the reticular dermis, leading to the visible dimples of the skin.

Cosmetic ingredients to treat cellulite can be categorized into 3 groups:

A. Compounds that reduce the volume of the adipose tissue

B. Compounds that strengthen the skin

C. Compounds that stimulate microcirculation

Clinical Study with an Anti-Cellulite Formulation:

A cosmetic ingredient to treat cellulite (ARRESTAGE’s -Cellutrec soyaA©), comprising the soy isoflavone genistein, carnitine, caffeine and an extract of the Spirulina platensis algae, was tested in a clinical study over 8 weeks with 30 women aged from 35 to 60 with light to heavy cellulite. A cream containing 4% of ARRESTAGE’s – Cellutrec soyA©, was applied once daily on the right thigh. The other thigh stayed untreated and served as a control. The following skin parameters were measured: smoothness (PRIMOS system), elasticity (cutometer), thigh circumference and cellulite degree (clinical scoring).

The results clearly demonstrated the efficacy of ARRESTAGE’s – Cellutrec soyaA©. Compared to the untreated areas, elasticity and smoothness improved after 6 weeks’ application by 57% and 41% respectively. The circumference of the right thigh was reduced by 3.8 cm after 6 weeks whereas the circumference of the untreated thigh was only reduced by 0.8 cm. There was a visible improvement of the cellulite appearance. The cellulite degree dropped from 3.7 to 2.5 after 6 weeks treatment. There was no visible change in cellulite on the untreated thigh.

In conclusion, there are promising developments in the body shaping, slimming and contouring arena from many manufacturers. Arrestage Laboratories, for one, is working with an Italian company who has recently opened their offices in the USA. The company, General Project USA, manufactures devices for the purposes of reducing the appearance of cellulite and sculpting or contouring the body. Other companies currently in this field are LPG, Syneron and Medicis. Cream or topicals alone may not be the answer. A combination of physician directed treatments, using specially designed equipment; in combination with these new creams, is probably the best idea for getting the desired results.

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