Anti-Wrinkle Answers could be found in Tobacco

By Arrestage Laboratories department of Research and Development

Scientists in Italy have found a sugar-peptide mix from wild tobacco plants could be an effective anti-aging ingredient for cosmetics. Its role in protecting skin cells from premature damage caused by free radicals, as well as its capacity to extend cellular vitality and reinforce the extracellular matrix make the sugar-peptide mixture a very interesting ingredient for anti-aging cosmeceuticals.

The mix of short peptides, amino acids and sugars has antioxidant properties as well as promoting collagen synthesis and stability, and upregulating the expression of a number of genes, according to a recent published study.

When extracted from the tobacco plant, the sugar-peptide mix upregulated the genes related to collagen synthesis and stability as well as inhibiting the expression of genes related to proteins that break down collagen and other structural proteins The glycoproteins broken down to isolate the sugar-peptide mix have a similar amino acid composition to human collagen. the effects of the mix were due to the ability of the peptides to trigger cell signaling cascades.

These cascades eventually lead to the up (or down) regulation of genes, and therefore the production (or inhibition) of proteins that in this case were linked to cell protection, DNA repair, and new collagen production.

ARRESTAGE Laboratories is looking to create more organic active ingredients such as this tobacco plant derived PHYTO-ACTIVE in their newest line of “ Master Series ANTI-AGING Organix”, available to the public through selected physicians worldwide in 2010.

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