When you merge the thinking of Asian Herbalists, French Chemists, American Dermatologists and cutting-edge Aestheticians, you begin to see the confluence of a truly unique product line for longevity preparations that is ARRESTAGE.

It took over three years to formulate and testing over 3000 patients with various skin type challenges to complete the ARRESTAGE regimen. The basic premise is that all skin, people and their environments are unique but similar. So ARRESTAGE found the similarities to address it’s base formulas and a system of customization that achieves the “skin care” for life challenge, by using client’s individual feedback and history to constantly revise and review the active ingredients to suit the changes that occur to your body and skin over time.

ARRESTAGE is not looking to be a mass- merchandised product or a specialty department store cosmetic product. We will be a tool for the clinician, aesthetician, salon or spa to help their clients, patients and customers achieve a customized skin care solution for a lifetime.

The ingredients that are used are all natural. We use no chemical preservatives. Our proprietary “micro-batching” process, assures freshness as well as purity and potency. When the base formulation has lost some of its initial effectiveness, due to your skin’s acclimation process, we provide you with custom “enhancing boosters” to elevate various concentrations of the actives.

The comprehensive ARRESTAGE client relationship questionnaire provides clinical accuracy in skin typing and medical history to create a product that is yours for a lifetime.

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